Hey there!

I'm Kristia Roco

US-Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Dreamer and Mother of Three


hey there!

I'm Kristia Roco

US-Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Dreamer and Mother of Two

I'm on a mission to help women achieve and maintain their dream body by making their metabolism run faster.


I guide postpartum moms and women tired of yo-yo dieting to finally get out of that hamster wheel!

Through specialized programs focused on macro tracking (which grants food freedom!), effective strength training activities, holistic lifestyle changes, and empowering tips and tricks (shared one-on-one or via a supportive community of like-minded women), I equip you with life-changing tools to help you become the best version of yourself.



Find the program that matches your needs and provides real, lasting results:

Dear Postpartum Body


A 12-week program for postpartum mothers (6 weeks to 15 months) who want to lose fat without hours of cardio and risking milk supply.


Macros Movement


Lose fat without giving up the joy of eating though this exclusive, community-based class.


One-on-One Nutrition Coaching


The ultimate program for women (especially ones with hormonal imbalances and metabolic syndrome) who want to lose fat while making their metabolism run faster.


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About Kristia


Once a serial dieter dependent on the numbers on the weighing scale to feel good, Kristia embarked on an inspiring fitness journey that gifted her with the knowledge to break her unhealthy eating habits and banish distorted body views.

Inspired by her learnings, Kristia shares this revolutionary method with women seeking ways to get their dream body, jumpstart their metabolism, or lose fat without the extremes of Keto, IF, and other fad diets. Macro tracking, movement, and self-care are at the core of her coaching programs, guiding women from all life stages to come together and work toward their best and strongest body yet.

If Kristia can do it, so can you!



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Listen your way to fitness!


Kristia Roco’s podcast breaks down postpartum fitness, metabolism science, and functional nutrition into understandable, bite-sized chunks. Perfect for women hungry for modern, scientifically proven information paired with actionable fitness strategies.



Find out how macro tracking plays an essential role in one’s fitness journey.

Discover the secrets to having a healthy body through movement and exercise.

Learn how to determine what your body wants versus what it really needs.